Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Roller Pigeons

Roll of pigeons are a variety of pigeon who raised for their ability to make "tricks" very quick air.They live and then drying very high, they low return, do somersaults in quick succession, removal of many feet of altitude, then break it, rising and rolling again. They're sometimes so inverted at the same time that they will look like a ball of feathers in the air. They are a special breed of pigeon adapted to the animal keeping.

They are considered as good for beginners birds as they are quite rustic. They come in many styles, sizes and different colors. Rollers and gorges and you will provide an entertaining animal and snap. They are strong athletes who are extremely popular due to their deep, precise, rolling performances and their striking colours.They can live for about 10 to 12 ans.Ils thrive on a regime of mixed grains database supplemented with peas.

Birmingham rollers are pigeons that perform reverse back while in flight. Their origins are in Birmingham in England where farmers improved the tumbling in one spin high speed by selective breeding.Roller pigeon is probably the most? known in the birds monde.Ces can be split into two different types: Flying and display.Like all domestic pigeons, these birds has a capacity to host which leads to return where what they feel safe and where they are living.

Roll of pigeons are quite rustic and they can prosper in most climates with minimale.Ils maintenance are a variety of domesticated pigeon particularly high for their recovery in flight on the ability of pigeons roller sol.√Člevage is a national pastime and bird owners enter competitions where birds are marked on how well they fighting together and the quality of their rolling manoeuvres.

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